Jeff State night and weekend 2018

  1. Hi everyone. I will be applying to the Night/evening program this May. Does anyone know what the least amount of points they have excepted in previous years for this program? It looks like I will be applying with a 35 unless I retake the ACT and score higher. Which I might do. Thanks for any replies in advance. Any advice with this program would also be appreciated.
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  3. by   feeneishia
    Hello. I will be applying as well, AGAIN. Since they've now changed to the ACT everything is different, so I can't really tell you. I'm just applying. I don't think you get any extra points for going above 18 though. I'm mailing my application off today!

  4. by   Jlively72
    I am applying to the Nights/weekend program too! Turned in my application yesterday..nervous but excited. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   Vclark7
    Good luck to all applying! Does anyone know any info on the program details? Days of the week, labs, clinicals, etc. It would be great to hear about the program.
  6. by   feeneishia
    I can only tell you about first semester, 2 years ago. It was two nights a week. They will tell you more at orientation once we're accepted.

    I keep checking the date and the deadline seems far away, lol.

    Good luck to everyone!
  7. by   tara1986
    Feeneishia, I was looking at this forum because a coworker of mine is applying to the fall for night/weekend as well and I was showing her this site and saw you one here. I am soooo excited to hear you are applying again. I always felt you would be a great nurse!

    I graduate in December of this year and would be glad to answer anything I can for you all if you want. However, I am in the last class with the old program so the classes are a bit different. We were 7 semesters and you all will be just 5 (which is WONDERFUL!!). A few pieces of advice, just because it is night/weekend does not mean that EVERYTHING will be night/weekend. I have clinicals this coming semester on Mondays from 3pm-11pm so I had to use PTO. My advice is to save your time off and use it wisely if you work. They do not let us switch clinicals anymore... so what you get is what you get. They have to work with what they are given (spot wise and clinical instructor wise) by the hospitals so they do the best they can.

    Currently, our class is only meeting 1 day a week (Tuesdays) from 5:30pm-9:30pm. But with you all's new program, you will have a lot of classes combined into one semester so you all will most likely meet 2 times a week. They are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays...however I have known some to be Mondays and Wednesdays. My suggestion on class is to find out how you learn the best and utilize it. Learn to multitask and prioritize!! Keep up with your reading. Read every night, even just a little bit. It seems like you have all the time in the world until you have a Kaplan exam, test and clinical paperwork due all the night before your exam! You don't want to be calculating how many points you need to just is a horrible feeling that is for sure

    The clinical instructors I have had are great and want to see you succeed. You should not have an issue there and some of the new program people I have met have an electronic charting system they had to buy at the beginning of the program, which will save you a lot of time with your clinical paperwork. The clinical instructors do expect a lot out of you, so make sure you pay attention in your health assessment class and go ahead and practice drug calculations. It is an automatic U if you do not pass a dosage calc test and you can't give meds at clinical until you do. (You only get 3 U's then you fail the program). Also, know you cranial nerves and how to test for will save you time if you know them already and you will have enough to learn as it is.

    Most instructors are great, but you will run into at least 1 (you will know!!) that are a bit...difficult....but do not get discouraged. You CAN pass!! There is a lot of difficult content to learn and it gets frustrating.

    Finally, Practice questions are your friends! Get an Nclex book, use quizlet, your book questions and any other source you can find. It will really helps. Nclex changed their multiple choice format from "it is never just 1 and never all" to "it can be one, all or just a few"...needless to say ti has made it more challenging. But just treat each answer as true or false and you will be fine.

    Okay, sorry for so much writing on you guys forum, but I feel like I wish I knew more when I first started and hopefully this is somewhat helpful. If not, then just disregard.
  8. by   Jlively72
    Thank you tara1986, your input is great and appreciated!!
  9. by   Vclark7
    Thank you tara1986! You are awesome for sharing this information. Greatly appreciated!
  10. by   pharmacytech81
    Hi everyone! I applied to the fall 2018 night and weekend program for the Shelby campus. I was told by one of the instructors that the cut off last year was 36 points. I had 35 when I turned in my application but I did take the ACT on May 9th. Hopefully I scored a few points higher. I am also going to apply to Lawson State. There deadline is June 1st if anyone is interested. Good luck to everyone!!
  11. by   Jasbaldwin
    I'm applying to the night and weekend program with 41 points.
  12. by   feeneishia
    Thanks Tara. I miss you guys so much. This will be my last go round, after this I will just have to focus on my current position.
  13. by   feeneishia
    I heard they may start sending out notifications today.....GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  14. by   feeneishia
    I accepted another seat at another school.
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