Gadsden LPN-RN Mobility Spring 2016

  1. Hello, I would like to hear from those who applied for Gadsden LPN-RN Spring 2016.
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  3. by   Crystalc07
    Hi my name is Crystal I have also applied to the LPN-RN mobility program for Spring 2016
  4. by   rn2bn11
    Hello Crystalc07, I am excited about the possibility of getting into the program. How many points do you have? After I calculated my points I have 90 pts for my sciences and 90 pts for my teas. So I have at least 180 pts. I also have all my prerequsites.
  5. by   Crystalc07
    Hey Rn2bn11 I applied with 186 points if I calculated correctly have you heard what their cut off is this year I am so nervous!!! I live in ga so I took the teas in alabama and had to transfer my Lpn license to alabama I made a 66% on the teas and made 2 A's and 1 B in my AP classes and micro so that gave me an extra 80 points and then I conpleted prerequisites have you heard anything about when letters will go out or how many they accept
  6. by   rn2bn11
    I heard Mid November, but you can look on self bannerto see if they pulled your transcript.
  7. by   Crystalc07
    Yea they haven't pulled my transcript yet I have been looking
  8. by   rn2bn11
    Look under transcript request, press drop box to see date and click on date and it will say health science... don't be discouraged, i'm sure they are running behind.
  9. by   Crystalc07
    I tried to go to view transcript request and there isn't a drop down box with dates so I'm assuming they haven't pulled mine I'm not sure what the cut off is this year or if it's more or less for the mobility program but I've nervous going in with a 186
  10. by   cnlprn3
  11. by   cnlprn3
    So if they pull your transcript that's good what's the thick letter you got in thin letter u didnt stuff I thought GSCC EMAILS U
  12. by   Crystalc07
    I think so from what I've heard they email us I've heard also it's a good sign of they pull it but I'm not sure if they have already met or not (the nursing committee)
  13. by   rn2bn11
    Crystalc07, I don't know whether it's a good sign or not that my transcript have been pulled. I don't know what the cut off score is for this year.
  14. by   Crystalc07
    Rn2bn11 I'm sure it's a great sign I read older posts and the ones that had their transcripts pulled got in from What I seen so it's looking good and I'm sure you probably have a lot more points than I do I'm enrolled in the math 100 right now I had to have it completed by the end of this semester so That I would be included in this years application processing