Chattahoochee Valley Nursing Program

  1. Has anyone applied to chattahoochee valley nursing program 2017?
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  3. by   babyrenae3
    I applied to the 2017-2018 Mobility program and just got my Acceptance letter in the mail yesterday!!! I am super excited and had a lot of doubt that I would make it in. My BF also applied for Fall admission but he wont hear anything back until May 1st
  4. by   1qaz
    How many points did you apply with?
  5. by   babyrenae3
    I was shocked to be accepted because I only had 32 points in all with my application. I made a 20 on the ACT, I had 3 B's and one C, and my last 5 points came from the bonus for transfer credits.
  6. by   ladidoll9
  7. by   babyrenae3
    Thanks so much! Ready to get started!
  8. by   kotacollins
    Hi there!! I applied to the RN program! I have 36 points
  9. by   ladidoll9
    Welcome! I hope more people who applied will find this thread.
  10. by   babyrenae3
    Quote from kotacollins
    Hi there!! I applied to the RN program! I have 36 points
    That's great... From what I have heard most ppl that have applied are only ending up with anywhere from 30-36 points. Also, not enough ppl have been successful with making an 18 or above on the ACT test. You should definitely get in with that score because they actually accept way more students into the traditional program than the mobility program that I applied to where they only took in 22 students
  11. by   kotacollins
    Whew that definitely makes me feel a little bit better!! Oh wow that's not many at all! Congrats that is so so awesome and exciting I'm so ready for letters to be sent out lol. I applied to southern union as well, but because I didn't take my prereqs there I can't earn an additional 10 pts. I doubt I'll get in there. CVCC is my first choice anyways!!
  12. by   SaTyAaZo
    Hey everbody! I applied as well!. I'm just worried, because I don't have any extra points for classes taken. So I only have 27 points from the ACT... But I hope we will all get into the program! Waiting for them to send out the letters is nerve wrecking!
  13. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Hello!! I will be starting the mobility program this summer!! I look forward to meeting you all May 9th!!
  14. by   emevans1983
    Have y'all heard anything or gotten your letter?