Anybody waiting for acceptance letter to CACC?

  1. Hey there! I have applied for the LPN program at CACC and am waiting on my letter. Just wondering who all is in the same boat with me. How many points does everyone have? I have 145. Will that be high enough to get into the program?
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  3. by   charleen920
    heyy! yeah I applied to the rn program I am waiting for my letter too... I hate waiting lol I wish I could just know now!
  4. by   4TheTide
    I know. I want to know NOW Do you know how many points you have? Have you heard of anybody getting in the LPN program with 145 points or fewer? I just don't know where I stand Have you taken all of your prerequisites? I am taking A&P I this summer with Ms. Waites.
  5. by   charleen920
    I tried to calculate mine I think I have like 161? I'm not really sure about the whole point thing. She is an awesome teacher! I am taking micro right now. I have taken all my prerequisites except psy 210 and speech. what classes have you taken?
  6. by   4TheTide
    Yes, I LOVE Ms. Waites. I had her for BIO103 last semester. After the summer, I will have taken everything except A&P II, Micro, and my humanities elective. I want to get those out of the way, because I plan to do the RN program once I have worked as an LPN awhile. I am taking A&P I and PSY210 this summer. I had Mr. Brackeen for speech, and LOVED him. He expects you to show up and try. There are some papers he has you write, but overall, I learned a lot in his class. Who did you have for PSY200? I have Ms. Mitchell now, and everyone says she is easy. I took that class a long time ago, so just wondering what to expect.
  7. by   charleen920
    yeah I dread speech... how bad is it really? lol Yeah I had Ms. Mitchell for Psy 200 she is so awesome I love her! She tells the funniest stories. But yeah she is very easy as long as you get all the notes.
  8. by   4TheTide
    To me, speech really wasn't that bad. I dreaded it like the plaque b/c I do not like speaking in front of people. But by the time the speeches roll around, you are pretty comfortable with your classmates. The first 6-7 minute speech is done with only half the class, so that helps. Then the second 6-7 minute speech is with the whole class, but it is a manuscript, so you are reading from a manuscript, but you can't read every word from it, but it is there in case you get lost. Like I said, there are papers and reports due, but overall not bad. I came out with an A. I would recommend his class, but others may have a different opinion, of course. Anyway, good luck to you. Keep in touch and let me know if you make it in. Where are you from?
  9. by   charleen920
    sorry 1 more question.. lol how many speeches do you have to do in all? I am from Pell City, where are you from? Well keep in touch!
  10. by   4TheTide
    Just ask away. I will help if I can There is a short 'introduction' speech at the beginning, I think a minute long, just telling about yourself. Then there is what is called an impromptu speech where he puts topics on the board and you have a few minutes to write a 30-second speech, like "What is your biggest fear?" and "What are your goals?" Then the two 6-7 minute speeches. The first is on a topic you choose, must be memorized. The second one is manuscript, either from a topic he gives you or from an interview you do on someone in your field, nursing. There are either two or three papers to write, but they are simple. The first few weeks, make sure you read your chapters from your syllabus, because he gives 'pop' quizzes on them. I had an A in the class and didn't miss a day, so iI was exempt from the final. I was happy about that I liked his class. He goes over how to interview for a job, how to correctly put together a resume and cover letter. I just learned a lot from his class.

    I am in Sylacauga. I got your friendship request. I visited the link it sent. Hope I added you to my list. Never done that before. New here. Just found the site last night.
  11. by   charleen920
    Well thats awesome thanks so much! It doesn't sound too bad after all! Let me know if you get accepted, hopefully we both will. Well I'll talk to ya later!
  12. by   4TheTide
    Will do. You keep in touch too and let me know when you find out. Good luck!!