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Hello all,

I recently graduated (Aug 2017) with my BSN. I also have a BA in Psych. I am currently working as a cardiac nurse and I am considering joining the Wisconsin Air National Guard as a clinical nurse. I am wondering if anyone who is currently serving or recently served in a similar position could offer advice or answer some of the following questions:

  1. Do/did you find it rewarding?
  2. Were you able to find balance among your family, your service, and your career as a civilian nurse?
  3. How long are/were you contracted to serve?
  4. What is drill like? What did your duties consist of when deployed?
  5. Deployments: How often did you deploy? Mandatory or volunteer deployments? How long was each deployment?
  6. Benefits: Do/did they offer to pay what is left on your student loans? Do/did they pay for graduate education (MSN, DNP, etc) or certifications (CCRN, etc)?
  7. What, if any, training/education did you receive that isn't offered in the civilian world?
  8. Any general information regarding basic training, schooling, etc.

Thank you! I appreciate any input/advice!

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