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Hello all. I have been searching the previous posts regarding Air Force Flight Nursing, but they are 5+ years ago. I plan on calling the recruiter and talking to him again about Flight Nursing. But, I was wondering about preparation. I am a BSN with 17 years Critical Care experience (CCRN), but NO peds and some ER experience. I was thinking about taking an EMT course while I process the paperwork. Anything anyone else can suggest? Also, how many members and what skill level are on the "Team"? And, lastly, since this is Reserve duty how does flying/transporting time factor in to real life/full time job?

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Thought I would reply even if I cannot answer your questions. I also am a critical care, ED nurse pursuing the reserves, however as a clinical nurse. What I understand is that you must meet the needs of the facility you will be drilling at. In my case McGuire AFB is the only base within commuting distance. I have a Masters Degree in Education and do teach. My recruiter believes they will be more apt to use me as an educator rather than an ED Nurse since McGuire is an ambulatory care facility. So my advice is find out what base is within commuting distance and find out from your healthcare recruiter what openings they have. Then you can determine if any additional training would assist with the selection process.

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Thank you very much. Appreciate your help and advice. Good luck to you

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