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Air Force Nursing


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Hi. I am 19 and currently a freshman in college. I'm a pre-nursing major, and while i've been looking at a few sections, i don't know exactly what type of nursing i want to do once i graduate. Air Force nursing, however, is one of those options. But i have absolutely no idea where t start or what to do. I talked to an Air Force adviser, and while they were helpful, the information was confusing. So:

1. I'd want to be a Nurse Midwife

2. What's it like being in the Air Force? Being a nurse in the Air Force

3. Deployment lengths, service commitment lengths?

4. Do i have to be in ROTC in college to go into the Air Force? If so, my school has Army ROTC, not Air Force, so what should i do?

5. Is there anything in particular i need to do now, or in college, to better my chances or be better prepared?

6. Who should i talk to about Air Force nursing?

If there's anything else anyone can tell me about the Air Force, i would be unconditionally grateful. Thanks

Hey, I think I can help you with a couple of your questions. I've considered the same career and I can share what I've found.

2. From what I've read it depends on where you're stationed. Many military nurses are stationed stateside. It sounds like most of the more acute care stuff and being deployed comes with experience. As a midwife I would imagine you would be in the US, but your job and your location are likely up to the needs of the Air Force at the time you enter.

As far as military customs and courtesies and basic military training, it's a lot more relaxed than for an enlisted service member. I think the basic training is around half that of enlistees. Aside from that, I can't speak from personal experience!

4. You do not. However, Air Force ROTC would likely better your chances of becoming an AF nurse following school. Should they award you with a scholarship, it would also help with paying for school. Because your school has Army ROTC and not Air Force, this doesn't sound like an option.

5. I'm fairly sure the requirement for applying as a nurse is simply to be a certified RN who is able to practice in your state. However, I'm also sure that resume building never hurt anyone. Do whatever you can in and outside of school to add to your resume. Work experience (CNA, hospital tech, etc.), volunteer experience, special certifications such as ACLS or PALS, get involved in your school's nursing program (mine has a student nurses association), and get the best grades you can throughout nursing school.

6. Talk to an Air Force MEDICAL OFFICER. Do not talk to an enlisted recruiter like you might see in a mall. They do not know any of the information you are seeking on medical professions in the military. This is an option when looking up nearby recruiters on the Air Force website. Simply tick the "Healthcare Student or Professional" box, type in your zip code, and hit the search button.

Hope that helps, and sorry I couldn't answer more than that. Best of luck to you!!!