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I am currently working as an RN with an associates degree. After I finish getting my bachelors degree I am planning on going into the Air Force as a commissioned officer as a nurse. My husband is currently enlisted active duty. I am wondering what happens when I go in, do we get stationed together, will they put us on different deployment schedules? I think this is the best for my career, but I am worried about the stress my carer will put on my family. Anyone have any advice or been in the same situation?


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I would also like to know if anyone can help me on the whole commissioned process?

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I know many duel military families. Being in the military has challenges however you go - whether as a single person, single parent, or married. Depending on where you end up really can determine how well it goes. You apply for same station status, which can really limit where you go depending on both of your jobs and where those jobs are available. Being duel military does not mean that your deployment cycles will be in sync or different, it all depends on needs of the AF. Some couples end up going together, while some try to tag team the kids with one parent home - but we don't have much control over our deployments in general.

It will put stress on your family. Guarantee that. But anything can stress a family. Building that strong family foundation is critical in any marriage, but more so as a military family - which you all ready know being married to enlisted.

Ensure you speak with a nurse recruiter - not the enlisted recruiter at the mall. You can find the closest one online.


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I can't give you much information regarding dual military status. My husband is just coming off active duty while I'm awaiting a decision for selection for the AF Nurse Corps. Because he was so close to discharge, my paperwork was filled out to not be dual status. I have seen it work well for some couples in regards to being stationed together, while others I know have lived across country due to limited availability in job field. So it's pretty much hit or miss with no guarantees (as stated above).

In regards to the whole commissioning process, I'd recommend you find a healthcare recruiter now. They could discuss your options for NTP vs. Fully qualified nursing. Make sure you're keeping your GPA really high so that you stay competitive for selection. Keep in mind that the fiscal year starts in October. When you are ready to submit your packet, getting into that first board of the FY would give you the best odds. Ex: This year there are only 80 clinical nurse openings.

Feel free to check out the AF Nurse 2013 Thread to speak to others currently in the selection process. For some it's been a year of work just to make it to selection. I only started the process in October, and I'm rushing to complete my packet before the January submission deadline for a February board.

Good luck!


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My husband and I are both dual mil enlisted so this is right up my alley! Things are a little different if you are commissioned mil to mil but since once of you is enlisted it should be a little bit the same.

The AF likes keeping families together. 80% of dual mil couples are stationed together. The other 20% are couples that are either in different branches of eachother, or simply because their AFSC's cannot be stationed anywhere since they are limited.

What will happen most likely: Since you will be the officer you may take priority and your husband will have to follow you. IF your job is offered at his base, they might just move you there instead of moving him to where you are at a new base just to save money and it makes more sense. If your job IS NOT available there, they will move your husband to you (unless he has not fulfilled his time on station requirements, which is 1 year stateside for join spouse applicants.)

Here is how it went for my husband and I.

We both got married (June 2012) at different bases. Myself in North Dakota, him in Italy. My one year in ND was May 2012, so I was fully able to pack up and leave since my AFSC was needed at his base. He got to Italy in Nov 2011 plus his AFSC wasn't at my base so HE COULDN'T MOVE. Only one person needs to be qualified for join spouse, not both. It's a lot easier if you both have common jobs.

Sometimes you will get lucky and your units won't deploy you at different times. I know a couple mil to mil spouses that would either deploy together to the same location, or not deploy at all. My husband and I are both on days and our units are pretty supportive. You won't get this everywhere you go though.

If you happen to be separated from your husband at any time, just take it day by day. I was away from mine for a year, it never gets easy but it's worth it. Good luck!


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My husband is active duty Army enlisted and I applied to the Air Force with the plan of my husband separating from the Army upon my entry into the Air Force? However, due to circumstances my husband reenlisted and I was not planning on going military anymore.Long story short, I didn't pull my app in time, was accepted to go but to a different duty station than my husband. But the AF has since changed my duty station so that we can be together. But that's because my job description was there.As far as deployments, I don't know. My husbands new job will not be deplorable, thankfully.So basically, it all just depends on your individual situations. But it never hurts to ask what is possible. And once you commit to the military, be prepared for anything because, as you know, their needs come first.