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I've been a nurse for 26 years. When young, I did 16 years as Critical Care Supervisor, 8-12h days and on call day and night for problems! I thived on it! I'm 52 now and I am feeling my age in many ways in todays environment. But my mind hasn't stopped working and I can still plan for yet another transition is my career. I am studying Legal Nurse Consulting, plan on getting my geriatric certification so that I can deal with the law and elder care. I still work 12h shifts F,S,S and don't like the way nursing is being abused by increased work load and decreased staff. I need to move on to what I feel is a natural progression of nursing in what I can comfortably do and enjoy. I think a lot of us are not so eager to encourage new to the profession until changes are made so that the patient is the center of care and not the schedule and the tight budget.

So to all the older nurses who are finding it difficult to maintain the work load, think of how you can expand your knowledge, still use your skills and make yourself a more comfortable career for your older years...just some thoughts...msjenny

I have been out of nursing a while except that I go on several mission trips a year to third world countries to hold clinics & give free medicine to the poor & needy.

My problem is that we are moving to Rhode Island (I live & am licensed in Michigan) & wow, the paper work involved. They are asking for verification from all states I've ever been licensed in AND the license number! I was licensed in Missouri and Connecticut many years ago (over 25yrs!). Does anyone know how I can obtain these license numbers? I know I can call the Board of Nursing in that state, but wonder if there is any other way?


Have you checked to see what assistance/resources may be available online to help you get the information you need without going through the hassle of handling a bunch of stuff over the phone?

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