What's up with Houston Agencies/Hospitals

  1. I have been a LVN for 20 years (man, I am getting REALLY OLD), and most of that time I have been an agency nurse. Recently I moved back to Texas and reg. with my old agency, and a new one. Though I prefer working pedi/ and step down nursery, I can work well on any floor except ICU and L&D, so I started getting my bookings easily enough, but only a couple of days in advance. And out of two weeks, all days were cancelled but one!
    Now, used to--------- agencies fought over getting nurses, and GOOD nurses were able to recieve a schudule a week in advance or from some hospitals a month at a time. I can't with all these cancellations, so I went and reg. with three more agencies, (WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT) And seems they book only a couple of days in advance too.
    WHAT IS THE DEAL? Is agency nursing dead in Houston, or is the nursing shortage over down here, or what is going on????
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    I am an agency nurse, RN, in Austin, covering San Marcos, and the San Antonio area also. We have the same conditions here. Most of the agency nurses I talk to are feeling very desperate. In this area the hospitals are offering some very good incentives for the staff nurses to work extra shifts, which eliminates a lot of need for agency nurses. They have done this before and it will not last. Summer is also low census time.
    Hang in there it will get better!
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