Visiting Nurses Taxes

  1. Looking for some feed back information - Just starting a new Home Health Care Agency and looking for new ideas on how Nurses want to be paid and for their pay how they want their taxes with held - Our full time nurse is paid by the hour and Fed Tax, Medicare, Fed unemployment and State unemployment are being with held - But we will soon bring in two nurses that will be paid by the visit - They are more or less on their own making their own scheduled visits but adhering to our general policy's and procedures... For example one Nurse making three home visits per week at $75.00 per visit - That weeks paycheck is $225.00 - Now FedTax Medicare Unemployment what options will ensure the most satisfaction in our nurses... I am posting this question here to get an idea of what options nurses would like in their pay by visit options because I have heard of some real horror stories where both agencies and nurses got burned...
    I don't want to make the same mistakes...
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