Primary v/s Secondary Agencies.

  1. I had posted early about what was going on with Houston Agencies (no work, or little of it, and LOTS of cancellations with all my old agencies)
    and FINALLY figured it out,and work all I want now, but sure isn't what I CALL really AGENCIES!!

    See, the insurance companies started the PPO, HMO, and all that, and owned the hospitals, then owned the Dr's, (or was it the other way around) WELL, now, all the HCA hospitals have THEIR own agency, and Memorial Hermann has THEIR own agency, and the ONLY time they use outside agencies (some who have been around forever) is when they can't get all the shifts covered, (which is very little). All the other little one owner hospitals are still pretty good, but hard to get into shifts!

    NOW, while these Hospital owned agencies do Pay very close,but always a few less $, than the other agencies, that is where the similarity ends. You have to agree to work one weekend day (or someplaces the whole weekend), NO instant pay, and very little chance of benefits, unless you pay the whole fee. No mileage, and no help with cost of parking, (their answer to me was, WELL YOU MAKE MORE and if YOU go staff, then we pay!)
    SO that's the game now.
    END RESULT----THE INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL END UP OWNING THE WORLD (probably already do). Well, so much for No MONOPOLIES!!:uhoh21:
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