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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there is able to get overtime with there agencies anymore? I live in Massachusetts and I used to be able to get overtime and special OT rates for last minute and weekend shifts all the time. There has not been any overtime available over the past year or two now. I am even getting cancelled on Holidays because its overtime and the facilities don't want to pay agency nurses overtime. I am working for multiple agencies and still have a hard time getting overtime anymore. I am wondering if anyone is still able to get overtime, and if so, where?
    I appreciate any responses.
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  3. by   Ashera
    Funny you should mention this - but the same is going for me as well in Texas - I work in one city - and the early morning before shift call-center that makes or breaks your day, calls on Labor day morning - when I'd been scheduled to work Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon (labor day)...anyway - they call to cancel me AGAIN (cancelled that Sat/Sun) I said "Oh no!" You guys cancelled me twice already - this was my weekend - and I overheard the voices in the background saying 'Let's cancel XXXXX instead cause she'll have overtime if she works again' - and then said ok, you're on.
    Thought about this for a long time.
    THEY PLAY GAMES with us I'm afraid -
  4. by   becca1
    I have to travel to many different towns - up to 45 minutes away just to get enough time. Do you get enough work in just one town?
  5. by   brocantes
    I'm in Shreveport Louisiana and overtime can be had here at one 4-facility hospital system. It's called premium pay (1.5 x reg. rate). You don't have to work over 40 hours to get it either. They use it when they need nurses badly which is often; esp. in critical care.