Anyone have any experience in Maryland???Along with company suggestions?

  1. I'm considering moving back to Maryland this fall along with signing onto a travel nurse company for the first time.

    I'm looking at signing up with Cross Country and have been reading about RN Network and Progessive Staffing. Has anyone worked with these companies? Can anyone offer any suggestions/advice?

    I've never worked as an RN when I lived in Maryland. I received my RN license about 1 1/2 yrs ago in another state and have experience working in the ER and ICU units.

    I'm interested in working with John Hopkins along with other hospitals and thought that travel nursing will help narrow down my choice of hospitals before signing on with one permanently. Or I may enjoy travel nursing so much that I may not want to sign on permanently with a particular hospital.

    I'm also concerned with my housing in Maryland. I want family housing and wonder what are the housing conditions are like in the Baltimore, Montgomery County or Howard County area?

    Too many decisions should I sign on with agency or just apply at John Hopkins?

    Thank you
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  3. by   jeannet83
    Hi! I lived in the Maryland/Washington, DC area for 19 years before relocating. There are alot of good hospitals to work at in the area.

    I actually did work at Johns Hopkins many moons ago. It is of course a very prestigous institution. Back then it was very medically oriented (ie., it has its medical school), nursing was not in the forefront. That is not to say that nursing was not good. It was excellent and nurses were respected there. Still, it felt to me like a doctor's institution. However, that was 16 years ago and maybe things have changed. Hopkins now has there own School of Nursing. Just be careful to compare the salary there with other hospitals. Back when I worked there, you worked for the "Hopkins name" on your resume not in your paycheck! But I think they have become more competitive recently with their salaries.

    I would recommend the Columbia, MD area to live. It is very nice and is convenient to both Baltimore and DC.

    I think travel nursing would be a great option. You could decide to have your own apt in Columbia then do different assignments around the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

    If you go the travel nursing route, I would suggest doing assignments at the following hospitals: Hopkins, University of Maryland Medical System; and in DC: Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, and Holy Cross Hospital.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!