Agency CNA to new LPN

  1. I've worked as a CNA for an agency for two years. I just passed my LPN boards, and will continue with the agency, but I'd also like hospital experience. (I'm a midlife career-changer, and am impatient to get as much experience as possible.) The agency has assigned me a preceptor and has pledged 200% support to me re: training and support. (The agency has all ways been great to me. They hired me as a brand new CNA, and have given me a variety of experiences.) The nurse manager at the agency suggested that I go PRN at a hospital that has offered me a job. She said that, as a new grad (without even CNA experience), she started PRN. That sounds great, but will a hospital put a new grad on PRN status?? That just doesn't sound right to me. (Maybe hospitals are desperate??) I've learned a TON at the agency, and have relationships with patients (as a CNA) that will continue as a LPN. Do I even need to get involved with the hospital?? I'll start my LPN to RN transition program in January and be done in Dec '06. So I will get additional hospital experience in clinicals.

    I'd appreciate your opinions.
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  3. by   eddy
    Definately get some non-agency nursing experience prior to doing it through agency. I suggest a year and really any good agency SHOULD expect that.

    It's one thing to be a new nurse and have to learn the ropes at one place with thorough orientation and quite another to simply jump on the floor and start carrying patients without such. It's downright dangerous for you and your patients.

    With that said, CONGRATS!