AFROTC - Nursing Post Graduation

by gbwms98 gbwms98 (New) New Student


This is more of an Air Force question rather than a nursing one. I've been stalking this website for years but just now decided to make an account because this question is so specific and I can't find a set answer anywhere else. I'm currently in AFROTC at the University of Pittsburgh and am a nursing major. Unfortunately my detachment has very little information to give to healthcare majors as to what their life will look like post graduation/commissioning, and I'm frustrated by it and am just desperately trying to get answers. I just recently got married to a great guy, who just graduated seminary and is looking to pastor a congregation. He is interested in a church in Oklahoma city, OK. Obviously I would like to be stationed near the church he ends up going to (but of course I realize that may not be the case). I know there is NTP to go through after graduation, but after that, what are the chances I request to be stationed at Vance or Tinker AFB and they grant it? Are there only certain bases you can go to for your first duty station as a nurse? Or is a place like OK feasible? I've heard also of something like a preceptorship after NTP.. Is that a thing as well? Isn't that the purpose of NTP?

It's tough because the church we're looking at wants answers from my end on where I'll have to go after commissioning, and atm I can't give them any clue. On the flip side, I need to know from them that they really are interested in my husband so that I can start planning on transferring schools. So anything would be appreciated.