AF Reserves - RN


  • Specializes in Psych/Substance abuse. Has 3 years experience.

I have been interested in joining the AF for the past couple years. I did work very closely with an AF active duty health prof. recruiter and applied for the 2014 boards. I specialize in psychiatric nursing and substance abuse. (mind you, I have been an RN with my BSN for three years with no other experience). I applied as a mental health nurse and was chosen as alternate number 1. Unfortunately out of the 2 MH nurses they selected, I was not needed as an alternate. I was well educated and aware of the duties of an active duty RN.

I became to really enjoy my full time job working in a state psychiatric hospital but I am still really interested in being able to give back to our soldiers/veterans and families. I thought the reserves might be a better fit for me at this time in my life. I have reached out to the AF reserve health prof recruiter covering my area but haven't received much information back. Can anyone who has worked as an RN in the AF reserves or knows about how being an RN in the reserves work give me some information? What are your duties like? Does the 1 weekend a month/2 weeks a year/possible deployment become more of a commitment than otherwise stated? Are you sent out on more assignments without volunteering? What is the application process like? Does reserves have specialized nurse assignments like active duty? The HP recruiter I spoke with mentioned there are only flight nurse positions available, which I was assuming I would not qualify for given my experience? I mean I am young and eager to learn but really wanted to focus on mental illness such as anxiety disorders/PTSD within the Military.

Thank you for anyone who can help me out!!