Should I get Esthetics License???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am currently working as an RN in Wisconsin (job in Med-Surg and unrelated to esthetics), and also enrolled in an esthetics program which I will complete in a few weeks. I am having a very very difficult time trying to determine if I should seek licensure for esthetics also. My nursing license does cover my esthetics practice. Should I even take the time, stress, and money to obtain another license? I am looking for any helpful information or experience that will help me decide what to do. I am having a difficult time finding nurses who have obtained an esthetician license after becoming a nurse, but know of several estheticians who obtain nursing licenses (most of who elect to let go of esthetics license once they start career in nursing). Please help!
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  3. by   goldellie
    If you're actually gonna spend the time to work in a med spa/salon spa so that you can understand the approach and customer service aspect of esthetics than go for it, but if you're not gonna bother full utilizing the education/customer experience/job experience why bother wasting your money?

    There is plenty you can learn from other estheticians and work environments but don't bother investing if that's not your intent
  4. by   jahra
    Hi Kali Rn,

    I have both an RN and Esthetics license. You need to check also with your Board of Cosmetology in your State to
    see if you are covered.

    You may be covered in a Medical Office with your Nursing license, but if you practice in
    a Spa setting or decide to open your own office, you may also need to meet the standards for the state Esthetics requirements.

    Since you are already enrolled in the Esthetics course, my suggestion would be to consider obtaining the license.

    Like nursing,
    you can request to obtain a license by endorsement in another State if you decide to move.

    Best wishes with your Esthetics career!
  5. by   Michellercruz
    I just want to put my two cents in here and tell you to make sure you receive the proper training and you are confident that you know what you are doing before you start any kind of Botox or filler treatments. I had fillers done around my mouth recently and the nurse hit a blood vessel in my lip which bled into my lips and swelled and bruised something awful. It has been 3 weeks and my lips still hurt and are still bruised. That stuff can be really tricky .
  6. by   MrNurseJohn
    I have both nursing and Esthetician license. I don't use my Esthetician at all bc I work as an executive director for home care but I would definitely get those license bc there are machines that you may end up using as well. If you are in a spa, I highly doubt you'll only be doing Botox and besides, having more credentials never hurts. I have 3 licenses. Nursing, Esthetician and Long Term Care Administrator license. It will make you more marketable and besides, Esthetician was a breeze after being a nurse. I didn't even study for tests while I was in school bc you will already be far more advanced in the science and anatomy and physiology! Hope it all works out for you! Best of luck!