Leaving ER Nursing & Finally Going to Go to Cosmetics/Aesthetics! Can I get some feedback?

  1. My Background:
    I have been a nurse now for 7 years - always had my BSN. Also contemplating getting my FNP, but depending on how the money is whenever I start Aesthetics Nursing, I may opt out of that and be more than content with my RN. Unless I could get an MD to help pay tuition and come to contract that we be a team for 'x' amount of years after I graduate. But, if I paid for everything on my own, which I would have to because there just aren't the same scholarships and resources for graduate school as I had for undergraduate, which is ok, I was so blessed in undergraduate...but the return on investment would take FOREVER - I'm thinking it would have to take about a decade to return any additional money from a graduate degree and I'm a single 27 now. I still want to get married and have babies, so throw extra years in there for time I take off to build a family. That's the only downside to not having help for funding the FNP, otherwise I think I could get it in my sleep. Also, the reason I'm also thinking of switching from ER to Aesthetics is that I am so burnt out. Like I said I'm 27 and I have hip issues.

    Currently I'm 9 days post op after 6 months of not being able to really walk, because I had hip spurs and my metal-on-metal hip replacement was recalled and my body was experiencing metallosis or metal toxicity & extreme hip pain to where I couldn't walk without my cane. So that hip HAD to come out (making this my 2nd recalled hip, 1st at 16, and my 11th total hip surgery altogether). I had to wait for my surgeon's schedule to clear up because it was a giant surgery of about 9.5 hours and when surgery was decided after all the tests came back and my whole team realized my kidneys and liver were starting to shut down because of toxic cobalt and chromium levels, I had some dialysis in the waiting period. But my surgeon was doing some good overseas and when he returned, he had a full slate of surgery. He was able to finally move some things around to accommodate an almost 10 hour surgery for me on a Saturday. SO, he and I both agree that I need something new in my nursing (if I stay within the medical field) that would be less hostile on my body and the joints itself, as I already have severe dysplasia in both hips). And something in an office would definitely fit that mold - and the only medical office I can see myself in if on making women and men feel better about themselves and their looks. I was a freelance makeup artist for years and a great one and I loved it - I did it for photoshoots, weddings, parties, celebrity events, galas. This would tie a little of everything I'm passionate about into one beautiful bow. I have thought about being a nurse injector since I was about 22 years old, but thought there was a LOT more to it than simply taking an extra weekend course to get certified....Does anyone else see issues arising with my mindset?

    I thought the certification would be something along the lines of becoming a preceptor - at my hospital, to be a Level 1 Trauma ER Nurse Preceptor, you have to train for 16 weeks as a student yourself to get the ok that you can train someone, then just to train someone strictly in the Trauma Bays for Level 1 & 2 Trauma or flight trauma, it's a 36 week program - 4 days/nights a week....4-10 hour shifts instead of 3-12's. I've trained 9 amazing nurses to be trauma nurses. But I definitely thought the injector nurses were at least like 4 weeks or something.

    My question to my current Aesthetics Nurse:
    1. Where did you go for your botox/dysport & dermal filler training? I have about 3 ideas for reputable places, but I know the place where I get my botox, my nurse injector said 10 years ago she got her initial training from a woman named Linda out of Atlanta who led a huge weekend class that was around $10,000 - but it was genuinely the best course in the country you could buy. They provide your licensed, brand name legitimate safe product (where most places tell you to provide your product - and aside from asking to buy a new bottle of stuff straight from my plastic surgeon's office, where am I suppose to buy it??). I can't seem to find this program anywhere and my nurse injector is on maternity leave and I can't get a hold of her to ask! It's driving me crazy. But I'd LOVE reviews of the places you have studied through and how you'd rate them.
    2. How did you obtain your product for the classes, like I mentioned in #1, aside from buying sketchy on the internet or straight from a plastic surgeon and hoping they sell you a sealed bottle, where did you go to buy that?
    3. And if you're a Aesthetic Nurse now, are you able to buy product (or do you know good sites to buy from at least) where do you get your products if you're able to purchase them yourself?
    4. What is the money like for you as an Aesthetic Nurse versus a floor nurse? Also, are you glad you made the change?
    5. What are the benefits like for you in your facility or office you work in? From insurance to product services? I've seen a few on here that have said they get NO medical or dental, but they get 50% on services or free services.
    6. Is your office affiliated to a hospital, therefore; do you get the perks/benefits of that hospital with their insurance and if you were to have to work a weekend night for example (even though that wouldn't happen in an office), you would get shift differential?
    7. Would you recommend an RN getting their FNP or even their DNP to potentially have their own practice in Aesthetics & Cosmetic or do you think the umbrella the RN's are under is nice and they have a good thing going with a nice set up schedule, fairly easy tasks, etc. Or do you think it is the better move to get a higher degree, make a little more money, and have a little more distinction within the profession and a little more ability to participate in surgery at times once qualified and other more complex procedures (although it would take years to do so in order to pay back school debt - unless you work for a place that the cosmetic surgeon will help pay for school for a RN to get their FNP is they commit so many years to them...that's something I'd be down to do for sure)?

    Thank you for reading ALL this stuff! Any other information (good or bad) you want to include is wildly appreciated. This is a big decision and I want all the info I can get!
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  3. by   ProperlySeasoned
    I do not have any answers to your well thought out questions, but do have some advice. If at all possible, get your advanced degree BEFORE you have a spouse, mortgage, and kids. It is so much harder when there are competing responsibilities. Also, the didactic portion of an advanced degree is largely sedentary, and sounds like you need some time off your feet!
  4. by   NurseyMcNurserson
    Apply at Ideal Image or the like! Many of these places will train you on these procedures (paid training!), even for part-timers. Otherwise, you have the option of attending classes at National Laser Institute or somewhere similar, like the Atlanta course you mentioned. Pay starts in the low $30/hr range, with free treatments available.
  5. by   gokairav
    Hey there! I do aesthetic medicine on the side but never spent that much money on training. I went through Esthetic skin institute who travel the country and offer trainings for $2-3000 a weekend session. Additionally I teamed up with a local physician who really helped me hone and develop my skills. We have a very different and non-traditional approach to cosmetic injection in that we do not have our own med spa. We do injections out of day spas and often team up with the spa owners and rent a room at least once a month. It's a great model which allows us to have essentially little to no overhead and expense of running our own spa (plus the spa owners bring clients to us and essentially do all the marketing for us). Additionally, my doc gets wholesale discounts via Allergan and other distributors for all our cosmetic meds (botox, belo, juve, radiesse...etc), some of which are often better than allergan's.
    I can go on and on but i think I blabbed too much already! PM me for info or advice!