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  1. I have recently graduated with my BSN and have passed boards. I want desperately to go into cosmetic nursing and learn injections as well as skin treatments. I am having the most difficult time finding available job opportunities for me. Most plastic surgery offices want RNs with OR experience. When I look at OR job listings they too require OR job experience. I have even contacted many offices with no luck. So I need experience to get a job that requires experience I can't get because I can't get the job...It's impossible!
    I am wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to get into cosmetic nursing as a new RN. I'm in the Houston, TX area and I am willing to move. Thank you!!
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  3. by   nurseaj2017
    Hi Lamby,

    I don't have much advice for you but we are almost in the same boat. I haven't graduated yet, I will be done in June but I am looking for cosmetic nursing jobs as well. I am also in the Houston area but not only willing to move, desperate to move. But there seems to be many more opportunities in California but that's not surprising. Have you tried med spas here instead? I know that plastic surgery offices under a physician are hard to get into unless maybe you know the surgeon but med spas might be a little more open to new grads. Also, I just saw today a new grad OR opportunity on Indeed. I forgot who it's with but just keep trying! Good luck and I'd be very interested to know if you find something, this isn't the first time a new grad in Houston has been looking for cosmetic rn jobs lately. It's not a field most schools or professors know or talk much about so it would be great to help each other out