Aesthetic nursing - Plastic surgery, laser hair/tattoo removal, botox, etc.

  1. Any nurses out there that do aesthetic nursing? I am interested in either working at a plastic surgeons office or doing laser hair/tattoo removals, botox, restylane, etc. Is it possible to make a career out of this? What are the hours/pay/career stability in this? Do you like your job? What personalities fit best in this type of nursing (e.g. does skills in sales help with business when doing botox and such?) Can I enter in these fields as a new grad & no hospital experience?

    Thanks for any info you can provide!!!
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  3. by   MFLPN

    I am an LPN with aesthetic license and laser certified in Massachusetts. I started as an esthetician. I went on to LPN with the specific goal of furthering my career in aesthetics. Many people told me I would never find a job and should become an RN and that I was living in a fantasy land. Don't listen to any negativaty because the truth is it's such a grey area no one knows what they are talking about. There is just not enough data. I didn't have alot of luck until I took a laser course. It was $645 dollors. Three weeks later I got a job in Western Mass. My salary is $24/hr. "I am a new grad so this is good" It was one of three jobs I could find in the whole state to apply for in this field. I am very blessed and highly recommend you take a laser course. It took me years to get there from a spa esthetician but it is my passion. If this is truly your passion you should go for it. Pay differs very much all over the country and office to office. Go to every derm, plastic surg, cosmetic office you can find and leave your resume and tell them you would like to be considered for employment if they expand or something comes up. Focus your resume on skincare, woundcare, pre & post op care, and clerical skills. Buy yourself a Milady's fundamental of esthetics book and become familiar with procedures and terminology.
    1. Yes, I think you can get a job in this as a new grad
    2. No, I don't think you need hospital experience