Aesthetic nursing!!!

  1. I have so many questions. I am currently an LVN in CA. Im continiung my education and will be finished with my RN in June of '09. I want to get started in aesthetics as soon as possible. Is there anything I can do to get ahead? Like an aesthetician license? All aesthetic workshops in CA require a RN? How much does an aesthetic RN usually make? And are thier any entreprenuers out their? If so can you give me some info? If they do well? I know you need a MD to work along with, but if anyone can tell me any more info about getting started. I am 22 years old and I will do everything possible to make this work!!! Thank you!
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  3. by   aprilr
    We are in exactly the same situation. I am an LPN, soon to be RN in North Dakota. I find it very difficult to find information about this area in nursing. Everyone says to go to the Board of Nursing, but I didn't find much there either. I do not have plans on starting my own business any time soon but really would like to go into the area!! Any information would be great.
  4. by   rwright15
    It sounds like you just need to become an aesthetician... I don't know how nursing will play into this. I used to be (currently licensed) a cosmetologist and worked along side an aesthetician. She had a 2 year degree from a comm college, but no formal nursing training. Hope this helps.
  5. by   mimilinda77
    Hi there! First off, I congratulate you for thinking outside the "hospital" for nursing job opportunities. I was an aesthetician and massage therapist for many years before getting my RN. The moment I finished nursing school I emailed various MD's in the area (southern CA) that offered med-spa services (I scoped them out and used search engines for contact info), just inquiring if any were interested in an RN with my background. The next day I had several responses. As an RN in CA you are, besides MD's physician's assistants and advance practice nurses (NP), able to operate laser equipment (laser hair removal, and different types of laser resurfacing) under MD supervision and training. LVNs may not, nor may estheticians, etc. LVNS on the other hand may do injectables (Botox, restylane, etc.) with proper training under MD supervision. You are a commodity with your RN to a busy medical spa!
    I strongly recommend you get into a medspa setting, get training (you must see, assist with, and perform a certain amount of procedures in order to be covered by a liability insurance)...but do not (I repeat, do not) spend a cent on training. Let the MD pick up the tab...most HATE doing laser vein tx, hair removal (especially bikini area), etc. This is the part where you do a little "grunt" work, and learn all about the business, while getting free training. Ditto for peels, dermaplaning, etc. Most med-spas carry a skin care line of their own (including peels, etc), and their reps will come out and train you free of charge (they'll probably even buy ya lunch, haha).
    Later when you learn the trade start thinking about independence. Now, for the money part...since you don't really have spa experience and you will get training free of charge (some injectable courses that last 2 days cost upwards of $3000, ditto for laser classes) go easy. I'm not saying go dirt cheap, but ask for what a local hospital will start a new grad RN hourly (usually between $29-32/hour in my neck of the woods). Then, as you become certified (AKA covered by the medspa's liability insurance) in each area (lasers, injectables, etc.) have them increase your hourly wage-hopefully up to about $40 when all is said and done. And trust me, the longer your training is the better your technique will be (a weekend botox course does NOT make you the best!).
    While having an aesthetican license would give you a deeper understanding of skincare and a better comprehension of aesthetics biz in general, I would say focus on getting through the RN program (it ain't easy!). Plus, an MD will not want to pay you $30 an hour to do a facial when they can pay an esthetican $18...they want to pay you to do laser and injectables. Simply put, they want your RN skills!
    Good luck to you.
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  6. by   aprilr
    Thank you for the information! It gives me some hope. In my area there are very few places that I would be able to work as an aesthetic nurse.
    Because there are so few opportunities, is there anything I could do before applying to make them pick me? I was thinking that if I had some training prior to applying it may look to them. I don't know? I know that you said not to pay for any yourself and let the MD pick up the tab...but I am nervous about the low number of jobs available.
  7. by   Rose00
    I'm in the same dilema, I'm an esthetician, and thinking to get my LVN,
    I'm not sure what I can do with an LVN in a Dermatology, Can I do injectables, Botox, Laser in CA? I will probably get my IV Certification as well.
    Or do I have to become an RN for this? A fulltime RN is out of the question, even though there are post bachelor fast programs, but is day time. I dont care about the degree honestly, since I have a masters in business.
    I only want to be able to do those procedures and maybe one day open my own wellness-medi spa. Can someone help me with this??????
    In case I need to do RN are there any evening programs LVN to RN in L.A. area?
    Please help! It just so difficult to spend time and money from own pocket.