Aesthetic Nursing as a Career in Florida

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Hi everyone!

I am a current nursing pending student at UCF who is trying to find out more about the aesthetic nursing world. I am super into aesthetics (injectables, plastic surgery, skin treatments, etc.) and want to get some advice/input from other nurses before jumping to get my BSN. I am also currently saving up to get my estheticians license so I can perform facials and other treatments outside of the more medical procedures. I live in Florida, and am aware that I would need my ARNP license to perform botox/fillers.

I envision myself working in a medspa performing services such as IV Therapy, skin resurfacing, and facials. As an alternative pathway, I can also see myself in a plastic surgeons office assisting with preop/postop care. I have a few questions to ask this forum to make sure I'm making the right decisions and being as diligent as possible.

After having experience in this career, which minor would you suggest would be most beneficial: business, marketing, or health sciences?

What field should I focus on while completing my clinical studies during nursing school that will benefit me the most along the cosmetic pathway? (I don't know how to better word this.. hopefully someone will understand my question!)

I would love to hear your experiences and opinions in this field-- what are the positives and what are the negatives? Any advice for me as a fresh student would be greatly appreciated.


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I have some of these same q's too. Starting nursing school at UM!! Frequent flier of botox, injectables and a few other procedures. ?