aesthetic experience of IBD/Chron's/ileostomy/colon cancer


Hello, I'm writing a paper and I need help finding a good "aesthetic experience" (a poem, picture, painting, song, etc) of the altered life process my client experienced.

The pt was a 75 year old male who underwent a total abdominal colectomy w/ mucous fistula and ileostomy for toxic Chron's colitis a while ago. He recovered from this and underwent regular endoscopic surveillance of the remaining rectal stump. Progressive firbrosis and stenosis of his distal anorectum eventually prevented the doctors from being able to survey the stump, and the pt elected to proceed with a resection of his distal colorectum given his long history of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD - not to be confused with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome) and risk of developing carcinoma. He also received a cholecystectomy during this operation. Pathology came back with a T4N2M0 (large tumor, spread to some nearby and distant lymph nodes, no distant metastasis) poorly differentiated cancer in his colon. When I cared from him, he was recovering from the abdominoperineal resection and total colectomy.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

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