Advice Wanted: MedSurg STAC vs MedSurg LTAC


Hello, all!

I am in need of advice.

I do not have any previous acute care experience and I have been offered positions at a short term acute care (STAC) Med/Surg and long term acute care (LTAC) Med/Surg and am having trouble deciding between the two offers. Both are day shift, full time, and benefited.

If I accept the STAC position, I will have to move 6 hours from where I currently live and make approximately $10 less than the LTAC position. I will also have more expenses living there. I don't know anyone in the area and it's relatively rural (i.e. possibly nothing to do). The pros for the STAC is that it is a unionized California Nurse's Association hospital and is "real" acute care (i.e. will allow me to have the acute care most other hospitals are looking for).

If I accept the LTAC position, I won't have to move, will have less expenses, will be able to keep my current job as per diem (not acute care), will make and save more money and will be closer to family and friends. The biggest con for the LTAC is that I'm concerned about the quality of acute care experience I will be getting. The LTAC has identified a lot of things for improvement.

My ultimate goal would be to work at an STAC in the ICU close to home.

I keep going back and forth with my decision and it's driving me crazy. I'm hoping I can hear other people's take on it and it'll help shed some light.

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it.