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Advice/tips for new military head nurse

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by military girl military girl (Member)

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Hey all,

Just got back from a year downrange. Have been informed that I will be assuming the head nurse role. Was promoted while I was downrange, so coming back, I am the senior ranking person.

As a new head nurse with absolutely no experience in this role, can anyone provide some tips/tools of the trade. I have spoken with a former head nurse and the one thing that they stated was a nightmare sometimes was doing the schedule(work schedule).

Just trying to prepare myself and really hoping to hear from some seasoned Head nurses and some that are new to the game.

Thanks in advance.

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DanznRN is a RN and specializes in ER, Trauma, US Navy.

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Not sure what your rank is now, but as a leader you need to take care of your people. If you don't take care of your people they won't work for you. If you always play the political game and sacrafice the people below you, you will not do well as a leader. I have seen many leaders play the political card and forget about the people and it never ended well. Now, I'm not saying you'll always be liked by the higher-ups, but you will be fulfilling your role as a true leader by being there for your people, even when the times are not so good. You'll have to pick and choose your battles, but remember you're the only one between the "troops" on the floor and the senior leadership. Then again, that's my .02 cents.

LCDR(s) Dan

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