Advice on Tampa area nursing

by RoxannaColonPR RoxannaColonPR (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Medsurg, psych. Has 17 years experience.

Hello. I am relocating my mom from Puerto Rico to Tampa to be near my brother due to her medical condition. She will be placed in an nursing home near where he lives, as I can no longer take care of her by myself. But I have to relocate to keep an eye on her as he either cannot or will not have much to do with the situation.  I am interested in learning about the hospitals and job market, I am looking not only for Tampa but areas around like Clearwater, Brandon, saint petersburg, etc. The last time I was in Florida was 1995. I have a compact license &15 years of bedside nursing in different areas, med surg, psych, post and ante partum and cardiology.  Ideally, I would really like to transition to hospice care. But any night time job will do.  I spend the last 2 years out of nursing looking after my step dad during his last illness and now my mom. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.