by nep12 (New) New Student Pre-Student

Hi, I’m a current undergrad student at Northern Arizona University and I plan on applying to their nursing program as well as several others because they’re so competitive with seats. I have (or had) my course and education progression all planned out however it’s looking like that’s not going to work. Now my problem is, is that I don’t know when to apply to nursing school? I had contacted my colleges nursing program last Summer and asked them what their pre-reqs were and when I should apply and they told me fall of my sophomore year. However it’s looking like I’ll need to apply in the Spring because one class I won’t be able to take until next fall unless I take it over the Summer along with the Kaplan. I’m just really confused on how I should go about getting all my prerequisites finished as well as prep for and take the Kaplan. My advisor and school is really no help as they send me the same automated email every time I have a question. So I just wanted to hear some of your guys’ experiences and any advice you may have. I’m just really lost and I want to graduate on time. Thank you!