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Hi everyone ,

So here's the thing I graduated May 2012 and was fortunate to find a job in postpartum /antepartum unit. :cat: I'm a per diem nurse and have been fortunate to work anywhere from 5-10 days in a pay period thus far, however census has been low and I haven't been able to work at all!!! :( I love postpartum and wish I could get a permanent position but this isn't likely to happen for over a year at my hospital. I'm kind of tired of working every weekend and waiting on my phone to see if I'll work or not for the past 15 months. I've applied to other hospitals L&D, pp, NICU positions with no avail... I'm getting hopeless and feeling like I have no job. My manager won't let us float either :no: Any advice on what to do? I feel like I'm in a pickle since I have some experience but not enough to be considered by other hospitals... I've even tried local travel agencies :sour: I don't mean to sound ungrateful I just need some fellow nurses advice on what to do? Thanks for all your input!!

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I transferred to my Postpartum unit and Love Love Love it! A bad day there has yet to even come close to a good day on my previous critical care floor. You were lucky to start out on those units though. Have you tried actually speaking to other unit managers at the other hospitals you applied? You have the experience and as you should know, it's about who you know. Someone was able to get on my unit by directly calling and asking to speak to the unit manager who happened to be there that day. Nowadays, you can't just apply and not reach out to the managers either via email or phone.


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I agree. Does your hospital have a "float" pool. While you like PP you need to get your hours in. Unfortunately, this decrease in hours is not just in your hospital. Good luck and get on that phone or if you have friends in the facility ask them for a referral.

iPink RN - Thanks for your input I should try to speak with other hospital managers on other pp units, I never figured after getting that "golden year" of experience it'd be that difficult to get another job.

babyrn85- Thank you for your input too. We do have a float pool, I may ask to see if they need people and are willing to train there.

I've gotten the most feedback (actually the only responses) from local travel agencies . I don't know if I'll actually get any of the positions but I will stay hopeful and keep trying! :)

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