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Advice for 1st LPN job


Hello so I am wanting advice on a couple different things. I start my new job next week and I only get 3 days of orientation so I am trying to mentally prepare and organize so I can try to be ready. 1. When passing meds that you don't know are you looking up every single one and reading the entire reference? 2. Should I get insurance? 3.Are there and reference pocket size or not that you personally used that helped you when you first started nursing. I will be working in a short term rehab/LTC. I am nervous but have really been bulking areas that I think might really help me so I am getting less and less nervous as time passes by. Lastly do you have any advice that you think would help .Thank you

I carry around a notebook. And I write out a to do list. I draw boxes next to them and check off the boxes as I go to know that things have been done. I had orientation for almost 2 weeks. If you are not confident or don't feel safe during a three day orientation. Talk to management and see if you can get more time. I always look up drugs I don't know. Sometimes it's one new drug a day. Sometimes it's five drugs during my morning pass. I learned to never save anything for the next day. Because the next day could be a horrible day. Never be afraid to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you can possibly handle until you learn. You're going to do fine. And at the end of the day just think you get to do it all over again tomorrow:) good luck to you