Advice re how to organise my prenatal care

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I have just found out that I'm pregnant and wondered how to go about arranging prenatal care, as I am relatively new to the US and this is all very strange and wonderful to me!

Obviously, I need to engage the service of a health professional and I have already picked an ObGyn at random from the list provided by my insurance company. I made an appointment for six weeks time but somehow I don't feel fully comfortable with this.

Firstly, I'd much rather make my choice based on the doctor's (or midwife's) professional reputation and skill, and even recommendations from other people. Secondly, I don't even know what to expect from the ObGyn in terms of care. Would I have any choice about which hospital I attend, type of care I receive, etc? What are my other options? How would it compare with the care provided by a midwife? I don't want to ask anyone I know, as it's still early days. Any suggestions?

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