Advice for PRN Nursing Jobs


Hi everyone, I need advice on PRN nursing and my situation. I don't really have coworkers to ask so I'm hoping to find some guidance in this community. I currently work homehealth and love it, but need more experience to go into a masters in the future. I currently work PRN medsurg at a LTAC but their census is low to zip. I work full time (3 days) with my home health job and have a feeling this LTAC job will fall through. I'm a new nurse that has only 4 days of hospital experience. It makes me nervous applying PRN at a hospital d/t my lack of experience. Do you recommend it? are their other places that are good for a new nurse looking for a PRN job? Thanks so much!


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At my hospital, even prns get 6-12 weeks of close to full time orientation (0.8-1.0 FTE). The number of weeks depending on experience with acute care--- new grads getting the full 12 and current employees new to the department getting six. Since you only work 3 days/week now, you could probably swing a more intensive orientation. If it's something you really want to do, go for it.