Advice on where to do my practicum? Help!


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      ICU experience
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      Med/surg within hospital system I hope to be hired

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During the last quarter of my ADN program (spring quarter) we have an integrative practicum where we are basically on the floor with a preceptor full time. I was told today that because of my grades and clinical performance I was one of the students who might be chosen for a specialty unit such as ICU. I would love that opportunity as I hope to work ICU someday, but I am wondering if it would be more beneficial to choose a med/surg floor. I am moving after graduation, and if I choose a med/surg floor it would be at a hospital that is within the same hospital system I hope to get hired at. Is it more beneficial to have the ICU experience or have done my practicum within the hospital system I hope to be hired at? Thanks for any input!


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I do not know many ICU's that hire new grads, plus it would be really stressful as a new grad to go to such a high level of care floor after graduation. I would try to get practicum on a acute care floor or med surg in an area that you want to work in. I want to work in peds so I did my practicum on a pediatric acute care floor. Word of advice try to meet the nurse manager for the floor you do your practicum on, she will be your contact to get a job. I emailed with the nurse manager of my peds floor and she emailed me when a job opened up so that I could apply for it and she could pull my application. I have an interview with her on Monday...yay!

Good Luck with your practicum!


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Thanks for your reply! I don't really expect to be hired in an ICU as a new grad, I just was thinking that it would be a really neat experience to have while I am still in school. I also feel pretty honored that I may get chosen for one of the few spots available on a specialty unit. That said, it probably is smarter to get onto the type of floor I hope to get hired on, even if I feel my heart is leading me to critical care.