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Advice please!


I'll spare the exact details because its a long and very specific story that would probably get recognized on this site.

I am a new grad nurse working in a hospital as ancillary staff. I have done 3+ years on the unit I work. Since receiving my RN license, I have been working in home care on the side.

Would you keep an ancillary job in a hospital to "keep your foot in the door" knowing that you will probably not be hired within 6 month, possibly longer?

I'm doing that very same thing. I reduced my hours in my ancillary position to focus on my RN job. Like you said, it's a foot in the door. Keeps opportunities open.

I don't know about your hospital, but my experience is that some hospitals post openings that are available to internal applicants (current employees) only before going outside the hospital for new hires. With that in mind, I would keep my foot in the door.

In general, hiring from within is less expensive for the employer. If you have an excellent employment history with the hospital, and it is really where you would like to work as an RN, keep that foot firmly jammed in the door.


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My advice, based on my perspectives as an RN and former interim HR director, is to (1) keep working at the hospital; (2) do the best job possible to make a great impression; (3) let HR and nursing leadership know you are interested in a nursing position; and (4) step up and volunteer for hospital extra-curricular activities such as employee committees, community events, etc. Best of luck to you.