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Hi everyone im a freshman high school and becoming a nurse has been something that I've wanted to do since 5th grade it wasn't until recently that I found intrest in Pediatric ICU nursing. I love kids of all ages and I love making people feel comfortable and being a part of their road to recorvery. So for all of the wonderful PICU nurses out there, what do you love or maybe not love about your job? What does it take to be a PICU nurse? And any info on the schooling would be awesome.

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Hi IROD! I'm so excited that you're interested in PICU's something I never dreamed of doing until God randomly forced me there for my preceptorship my senior year of nursing school. The moment I walked through the doors I KNEW it was the place for me! I truly believe that all PICU nurses are called to be PICU nurses...not everyone can handle what we do on a daily basis. You see a lot of death, a lot of suffering, a lot of also see a lot of miracles. My biggest advice to you if you think you may want to go into PICU is to pray about it...and I'm so serious. It's a calling and if you're not called, you will run away. It's not a natural thing to see children at their absolute takes a person who knows their meant to be there. But trust me- if you're called, you will have your dream job. I know I do! I love the kids, the interesting pathophysiology, and even the crazy families. I love seeing children that I could have sworn would die, walk through the doors months later. I love being with children and families during their most vulnerable moments...Best of luck IROD...I truly hope you find the joy in PICU that I have :)


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Hi thanks for your reply! That is something that I will defiantley pray about no doubt about that! I do have one more question though, im a pretty emotional guy do think that working in the PICU that my emotions will get the best of me?


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I am a male PICU nurse, and like yourself, I consider myself rather emotional. When you begin working in the PICU (probably any ICU), you may be affected at first and be overcome with emotions; however, as time progresses and you begin to see more heartache, senseless deaths, child abuse, etc., you become "sensitized" (I did anyway). You never get used to seeing these tragic incidents, but you get to the point where you understand how to handle your emotions. Furthermore, nearly every nurse I work with is "tough". You grow a thick skin working with other nurses, physicians, and unruly families. The biggest problem for me initially was bringing emotions home with me. Even if I grew very close to a child who was dying, when I left the hospital, I had to leave my emotions behind... otherwise your personal life and your family becomes affected.

You are still young and have many years ahead of you before you enter the nursing profession. My advice to you: ENJOY high school, study hard, and learn good study habits. It is great to start considering your future career plans, but enjoy your time before you enter college.