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Advice on part-time job will going to nursing school?

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I am going to be starting nursing school in March, and have been looking for part-time work, with not much success. I would like to get on board with a hospital, any suggestions on what to apply for since I have no prior medical experience?

After you have finished a certain amount of nursing courses (depends on your program and where you live) your instructor can fill out a form and you can take a short test that will allow you to work as a CNA. I would highly recommend doing this for part-time work during school - not only will you get hands on experience with patient care, but you will also have a small leg up in your job search after you graduate. Many jobs won't even consider your application if you don't have at least one year of nursing experience (such as home health and agency), and while working as a CNA isn't exactly nursing work, it worked for a couple of my classmates in finding jobs after graduation, and it will show future employers that you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty! Nursing homes are great places to get on as an aide or CNA, in my area at least they are always looking for part-time help, and lots of them work 8-hour shifts, which might work in with your school schedule better than 12's at a hospital.

Also, don't be afraid to do the dirty jobs - I did a part-time evening cleaning job at a local clinic during LVN school. It wasn't nursing but it did show that I was trusted with confidentiality HIPPA-type stuff and knew my way around medical equipment and waste. Also, it sounds crazy, but I got my first nursing job with no prior experience because they saw on my resume that I'd been a veterinary assistant, and felt like I'd at least have experience with medications, record keeping, and the "blood and guts" aspect of nursing. So think outside the box - nursing covers lots of different ground in a day, and if you can creatively show your prospective employers in an interview how working the drive through window at Burger King gave you excellent people skills...that just might help you out too!

Good LUCK!!!

Definitely try to get anything in the hospital. I know MANY of my classmates that worked as PCT, CNA and even food service workers while in nursing school. I believe all of them are working as RN's. Had I known this, I would have definitely worked in a hospital. Being a new grad is so discouraging right now, get in early so by the time you graduate, you have a better chance. All of the people who had non hospital jobs are still looking 3 months later. Good luck :)

Thank you everyone for your great advice.