Advice on opening a clinic


Is there anyone who has opened their own clinic that can give me an idea on how difficult it is to do so? How long were you in the planning stage before you opened one? What kind of experience did you have before doing so? How much did it cost? Pros? Cons? Any advice? Any information would be helpful!

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There are resources on the internet regarding opening your own practice. A google search would easily yield results. There are NP's who have spoken on the topic on a national level and are considered the industry experts on this but I prefer not to mention them here as it is against the site's Terms of Service. There has also been previous posters here on allnurses who own their own practice.

Remember that owning a practice is just like setting up a business. There are ways around the bureaucracy of regulations surrounding physician collaboration and insurance reimbursement if you're not in an independent practice state. However, another big hurdle is being aware of laws governing setting a healthcare business including having your own employees and making sure you are compliant with labor practices. IRS issues are also something to be familiar with.