Serious question

  1. Forgive me if this is entirely the wrong site to be posting this but I'm at a loss as to where else to turn for help, information and advice.

    I'm currently studying Cert. III in Aged Care with the view of entering into Nursing.
    Palliative Care being a future goal.

    Recently I was raped and my attacker infected me with HSV-2.

    I've been on anti-virals since my diagnosis.

    The very painful question I now have to ask is a career in Nursing and Aged Care now off the table because of my status.

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  3. by   canned_bread
    First of all, I am terribly sorry to hear about what you have been through. I went through something similar and I highly recommend long-term counselling.
    The answer is NO. There is no requirements for employers to test for HSV, and no requirements for disclosure. As long as the diagnosis does not have implications on your work performance (which it should not, except side effects of the anti-virals can knock some people around) then there is no worry.
    For NSW, the immunisations required and what they will screen is located at: Occupational Assessment, Screening & Vaccination against Specified Infectious Diseases - NSW Department of Health