Received SEC result. Anybody who ever did some course at SK?

  1. I am an IEN from the Philippines. I just received my SEC result. And SRNA requires me to take some courses from ONCIEN program in SIAST.1. I just want to know if anyone had experienced already some of the courses in ONCIEN?2. If there are anyone here in the same boat with me? (I hope!)3. Also, I want to know the duration of each course. Oh by the way, I read it already from SIAST the number of hours for each course. But What I want to know is how long does the Clinical Experience for IENs will take, it says 240 hours but How many hours per day and weeks duration? Did you wait for a long time before being admitted since they have to complete four students before starting the laboratory and clinical experience courses? 4. And how was the online courses? I am planning to study full time so do you think I can finish each online course within five days if I am going to devote most of my time on working on it?Thank you! Hoping somebody would enlighten me on this matter.And, I also hope there's someone here on the same process with me. We can help each other figure everything out..
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  3. by   canien
    Hi,How long did u wait for the result? I've been waiting for almost 3 months already and they still didnt send me. I phoned them last week and I was told by a certain ***** that I'm too anxious. I should wait longer she said. But I've read in siast website that waiting period will only take 3 to 5 weeks. I hope to hear from them soon. SRNA even didnt give me a certain time period to wait. Did you also wait this long?Thanks
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