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  1. i applied on an agency in the philippines and in joint with an american attorney who will process my papers. i was hired by a US hospital on 2007. i was petitioned by my employer a eb3 petition..however lately i found out that my employer backed out to their obligations from me and the rest of the candidates. as a result , the american attorney who processed the papers suggested that we will be covered by another interview conducte by new employers and our eb3 will be transferred to a new eb3 petition. i have second thoughts since my boyfriends is in also in US and he plans to marry me and file for a spousal petition. i would like to ask if since out petitioner( hospital) has backed out already, does that means that my eb3 is already cancelled? if the eb3 petition is not canelled, will that have an effect on my boyfriend's petition for me? two different petitions allowed? pls help me on this...
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  3. by   careerknacks
    Hi, as long as your previous petition was approved another petition can be filed for you and your previous priority date can be applied to your new petition. Make sure you give a copy of your previous approval notice to your new sponsor as it is much easier to get the old date applied at the time of filing your new petition. If you have to go back to the NVC afterward to get it changed it could take months. As long as you only continue with one petition it will not affect your fianc filing a petition for you too. You can see which one is approved the quickest and at the time you are requested to pay the visa fee choose which one you want to go with.
  4. by   mariechic
    hi. so if my old petitioner (hospital) who filed for my eb3 petition backed out from their obligation, does that means that the petition is already cancelled? im not already after the eb3..