Foreign graduate just passed the NCLEX :)

  1. First of all, all the glory and credit goes to God. He is good and merciful.

    First, I would like to give a short description of my self. I just moved here in Olathe, Kansas from the Philippines. I graduated nursing school in my hometown last April 2010, passed the local licensure exam last August 2010 reviewed with a local review center for NCLEX for a while and moved here in the states last March 2011. REceived my ATT last August 2011. It has been already a year since we arrived here in the states and I finally sucked it up and took the exam. I had no more time to loose, the pressure was building up as i was procrastinating. Last February, I decided to try out the Kaplan course, though I have purchased some books, namely Saunders, La Charity and a Q&A from Kaplan, i figured it wasnt enought for me (but bear in mind we all have different study habits, I, unfortunately didnt have one) took the online review course for $449, yes it was big money but looking back, it was worth it.

    Though Kaplan was expensive, the lecturers were amazing and the practice questions were VERY hard, which makes it all the more better. My question trainers sucked, my grades ranged from 48-60% and I only finished 70% of the Qbank with a rating of 50% at the last day before my exam and I did not even have the chance to answer Question trainer 7 because of time constraints or procrastination and cramming, same thing. LOL! I did finish the Linda La Charity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment workbook which was awesome, they had excellent rationales and the questions will make your mind growl. Make sure to understand and read all the rationales even though you are correct.

    There will come a point that you will be drained, sit back and breath for a while, do something relaxing and go back again, it will tire the hell out of you but trust me, IT IS WORTH IT! I studies almost every day and night probably 2 weeks before my exam, it was the hardest that I have ever worked my ass off.

    The day of my exam came and I did not even sleep, YES I cheated with good advices and still burned the night lamp. I went to the testing vendor with a full heart for I know I wasnr quite ready despite the ample time I had. I was able to answer a few SATA questions, probably 10, 2 drag and drop and one exhibit type of question, I had a couple of medications I wasnt even familiar with, I ended up with 75 questions and wanted to faint. I tried the PV trick after 10mins, and got the good pop-up, tried it again after 1 hour and it goes on until 4 days after my exam, I was crazy. I finally found my name posted in the California Board of Nursing website. So now, after all my doubts about it, YES THE PVT works and i vouch for it.

    One thing I learned from this experience is we are nothing without God, he controls everything and he definitely knows best. Hope you found my experience helpful and if there is anyways i can help, do contact me and I will do my best. Pray always and be blessed. God is good and merciful.
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  3. by   iamnomad
    Welcome to good ol' Kansas.
  4. by   iamnomad
    by the way, you live in Kansas but you are registered under CA BRN? Are you gonna move there or endorse your license here in KS?
  5. by   ladyaquino
    i would like to ask if u have taken the NCLEX in KANSAS?