advice on nursing school???!!


I am a junior at a 4 year private university right now. I wanted to be a nurse but the nursing department at my school are full and I would not be able to get in. So I decided to do the 1 year accelerated nursing after I graduate in 2013. This summer, I applied to a nursing school in my hometown and I just received my acceptance letter to transfer next semester. I am so confused on what to do now because I don't want to leave my school since that's where all my friends are at. I am also scared to start in a new environment and that I might not make any new friends. The nursing school is very small and I am transferring in spring so it might be harder to find friends. Also, What if I end up not liking nursing? I am already a junior so if I transfer I might have to graduate in 2014 or later instead since I just now changed my major. Anyone have any advice that can help me out?


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How long would you have to wait to get into the program at your university? If you follow through with the 1 year accelerated program, i suggest you continue on through with BSN because you would benefit a whole lot than the 1 year program.


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The fact that you've been accepted in a program, I would run with that. I understand your fear of not knowing anyone or afraid that it will take a while to make friends, but other than one or so person, I know of no one that is starting the program with me. You will make friends, because you'll have a common thread of surviving nursing school! So you may not graduate the month/year you thought, but seriously - you got in somewhere! Go!