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Hi everyone!

I recently got accepted in nursing school :) and would like some advice from nurses or current nursing students about what I should prepare for when I start the program. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give some pointers and what to expect. Thanks a bunch.




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Congrats on being accpeted. My advice, relax and enjoy your time before you start school. You are going to be very busy. There really isn't much you should do as far as work in order to prepare you for nursing school. They will lay everything out for you and teach you everything that is expected. Honestly, just relax and enjoy your time before you start. Good luck! Where did you get in?


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thank you jchaconbsn! i'm looking forward to start. i got accepted at bates and will be starting in march. happy new year!

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Relax and get ready. Make sure that you understand A&P and chemistry. As soon as you can, go to work part time at any facility that will take you so that you can get some real hospital experience while your still in school. You will tell yourself that you don't have time but you can manage one day a week and believe me it will save you. It is good to try to start working in your senior year. I did it and when I graduated I hit the ground running. First job was as the charge nurse on a 42 bed post op CV floor in the hospital where I had been working as a student. Best of luck to you. We need new nurses to keep us old timers on our feet. Welcome in advance to the profession.

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