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Advice for new to Tacoma area EC RN BSN: which HOSP?

Specializes in Trauma/ER, Pysch, Pedi, Free Standing ER, L&D, ICU. Has 11 years experience.

Hello. I apologize for sounding redundant but instead of PM'ing each of you, I'm creating a thread to help me/others in my situation. My inbox is limited and I'm not so forum savvy.

Background: I graduated from internship/residency then became FT in a LVL 1 Trauma county hospital which included psych and some pedi, and did PT at the sister hospital and also a free standing ER. In addition, I volunteered for Diabetes America, Cancer Center of America, and our local elementary school to help the school nurse. In addition, I followed a forensic nurse/police officer and RN-patient liaison for experience. I do have a WA lic.

I want to continue with my critical care exposure and increase my skills/education before applying or going back to NP school. IMHO, it would be a disservice to our patients if I didn't get a more rounded experience.

a. I heard Harborview IS the place for me to apply to; however, I've read negative posts on parking/commute/traffic. I live near Fife/Federal Way/Milton area... "Wild Waves" lol. Should I even bother with the headache/loss of sleep? I cannot move closer because husband is stationed @ Ft. Lewis. FYI, Madigan is taking too long for spots to open.

b. Any thoughts/feelings/critiques on Franciscan? Tacoma Gen? others?

c. Am I missing other places for me to apply to?

d. How would you approach HR in regards to transitioning to ICU?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH =) I appreciate all of you.


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