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Advice Needed

Where do I start?

Well I am 32 and I came in this country 4 years ago met my soul mate and decided to stay here.

For the past 2 years I have been running a small business from home but I grew tired of it.

All my life I mainly worked with children from being a childcare provider to being a counselor.

I always been interested in nursing and also in physical therapy but until now never has the opportunity to accomplish either one.

I am not interested by the money but by the human aspect and the ability to help and care for others and maybe make a difference in people's life

I am now in a time of my life when I have the maturity, and the time that would allow me to go back to school to pursue anything I want but I need some advice and I was hoping this would be the right place.

First I am 32 and from another country so should I even consider being a nurse am I not to old to start? After all I graduated from high school in 91 never been to college and to make it worst English is not my primary language. So do I even stand a chance to be able to enter school and once I enter to succeed?

A lot of you on this site have been in this field for many years would you recommend this profession and if you do what qualities do you think are essentials for this job

If anyone as experience in both nursing and physical therapy what would you advise being a nurse or physical therapist assistant?

Looking forward for your answers


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