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In need if advice. I am currently work in memory care .nit at an Alf. There has been issues there since before my employment with them. They can't seem to get there stuff straight. Before I came they had several violations with state and there license was on probation. We've been having issues with w brittle diabetic that is being manage by our medical director I suggested to the administrator that we send her to an endo. Her response was no so I called the medical director and wanted ha input. He stated that at this time he feels that its the best plan of action and that

He was thinking the same thing. So now she is ****** at me because I didn't listen to her. First off its what the patient needs second off I'm not risking my license for anyone. She thinks she knows everything and will try and make dx she's not a Dr she isn't even a nurse.We had a new Adon walk out mid shift because she didn't like what she saw. So I got a phone call today from my previous place of employment wanting me back. Its a peds home health case. The only reason I left was because I didn't feel challenge enough. I feel like taking it is the best option. Maybe Alf and ltc aren't for me. I can't take the back stabbing and managnent playing favorites.I also feel like I'm being blocked with patient care.


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The Dr also went up to bat for me with her

Telling her that I'm one of her best nurses if not the best. The nurses there can't think on there own and they have no skill set.if course those one are the favorites.Before my previous employer called me back he told me to start looking for another job and he would be my refence. His words were your going to risk your profession staying here


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Sorry for so many posts another thing is I have 35 patients plus charting orders and new admissions


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Hi! I'm sorry that you are dealing with such a problem. I am not here to make your decision for you as it is a personal and important decision.

But all I can say is something that my former instructor once told me and something I take into heart, "Always think about the safety and welfare of your patient first before your license".

When everything is said and done, I want to be at peace in heart that I had not done anything wrong with the people I cared for.