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Advice Needed on Geropsychiatry

I have only been working in nursing for a year and a half. All my experience is mostly in LTC and clinical. I work for an agency, drive 50 plus miles to work, make $18 an hour but spend most in gas ($1.75 gal.) I have been sent a wonderful opportunity working for $9.00 hour, full time, 12 hour shifts, three days a week and less that four blocks from my house. The thing is I am going into Geropsychiatry with pt's age 55 plus, with anything from Deppression, Alzheimers, Bi-Polar, and multiple personalty. I need advice, they will train me, but I need advice on how to approach this new position. They tell me there is a very high rate for injurys among staff, but it is all teamwork decisions, care, everything. There is 3-4 CNA's, 1-2 LPN's an RN and a physician. It is a 14 bed facility, locked, average is ten patients oh there is also an activities director so staff ratio is good. What advice, though can ease my tension into entering this new field? :confused:

Are you an RN or what? That pay is lousy. Are you interested in Phsych. nursing? That would be a bonus. What happens when you get injured? Do they say so long, you are no longer any good for us. Seems like this is a high physical risk job. Are there any other options out there?

Good luck.

PS if this is what you are going to do. You will get the hang of it and decide if you like it rather quickly. It will be emotionally challenging. Patience is much needed. Start researching each diagnosis to understand what the patient may be experiencing.

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