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Advice Needed on becoming an LPN in NYC

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Hello Nurses!

I am taking classes at La Guardia Community College located in Long Island City, NY. My interest is in becoming an RN eventually.

In the meantime, I would like to become an LPN and at least work in the field a few years while I continue going to school for my RN.

While I've only taken a handful of classes, I do have a perfect GPA, yet the nursing "phases" at La Guardia are extraordinarily competitive, and allegedly the school only takes 30 people a year, out of literally thousands who apply...

I feel skeptical about staying at this school and paying for classes and studying for classes only to be told "oops sorry there's no room."

Would I be better off trying to get into NYU or some other expensive 4-year institution where I have more of a chance?

I am in my late 30s and I recently gave birth to a son, so I really don't have a lot of time to gamble with careers... and this is something I REALLY want.

Thank you in advance, nurses in NY, for any input you may have.


Would also like to add: La Guardia College is inexpensive, hence, a big reason why so many people try to go there. I realize nursing schools all over the place are competitive these days, however.

Four year universities usually wind up being a little less competitive because they have more professors and therefore have more openings in nursing school. Maybe you could look into a few hospital programs as well?

Thanks- I was guessing the same thing about 4 year universities. The community colleges are cheaper and thus have more of a pick of who they will accept into their programs.

I may look into taking some pre-reqs online via Empire State College. I still have to take some classes to take before even remotely thinking of a nursing program.:banghead:


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I got into the Nursing program (RN)back in 05', with a 3.9 gpa and lowest they took was a 3.6 that semester. If you have a perfect gpa then getting into the LPN should be no problem. Even if you have to wait a semester to get in, it's worth it in the long run saving you thousands of dollars if you decide to do LAGCC over private.....besides I loved the program there it's competive and challenging but they produce good nurses! :w00t:

Hey thanks- I heard that La Guardia gets literally thousands of applicants each year for the nursing program, and that it's almost impossible to get in... I'm basically considering 4 year schools now as a result but I will still try for La Guardia anyway, given that I live SO close to the school and it's so darn cheap!!!

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