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For those in the program I need advice

I have to take three classes over again and earn at least a "B" in them in order to have a shot at getting into the program. Two of them (Psych101 and West. Civ) I am not worried about. I will be fine. I am completely stressed about the third...Quantitative/Reasoning Math. I bombed college Algebra, so Advisor said that I may take Quant.Reasoning Math instead. My weakness is Algebra/Statistical kind of Math...hence my low gpa to begin with!

I need opinions. I have to have at least (meaning least) a 2.5 to get into the program. Avg acceptance is 2.7-2.8ish. I am scared in taking the Math class along with the other two. I really need to solely focus on Math alone to get a decent grade. IF I take the two ok classes my gpa will be nearly 2.8.

Should I just leave the Math class alone? Will having a D in Math 101 make me look undesirableif my gpa is ok? My advisor stressed how impt Math is in nursing. Which I am fine long as it isn't ALGEBRA! :)

My advisor this is the order they consider applicants...Teas, gpa, pre reqs

The problem is that the math used in nursing can be kind of like algebra. You're either using formulas to figure out a conversion, or your're doing dimensional analysis to come to the same information.

I'd take the math class, and see if your school offers any kind of free tutoring.

Best of luck!

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