Advice about my job?!


I currently work at a nursing home/rehab facility as a LPN and have for only 2 months. I am working simply because we need my extra income in our household in order to save a little money before I give birth to our second baby due this June. I was on unemployment but that has run out.

The point is I really dont like this job at all!!!!! I feel very unsafe having up to 30 patients and its very demanding and heavy floor. And I usually dont get a break to eat and am always working overtime, which is seriously frowned upon in this facility. When I origianally got this job I was told that I would be working on another floor, the rehab floor which is much lighter and smoother day, but that isnt happening like told.

Like I said I am pregnant and feel sick when I dont break or eat a meal during the day! I feel stuck. I cant get a new one is going to hire a pregnant (ready to deliver) nurse, but I need the income for the next 2 months! Can anyone give me advice????

Also I am in school for my RN and graduate in this May and cannot wait to apply for positions at local hospitals as an RN this summer

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wow. Lots going on there. Talk to your manager about the issues in your area. I would try to stick it out till the baby is born or you graduate. Either that, or borrow the money to survive till after the baby is able to be left with someone. My heart goes out to you as this sounds very stressful.